Trends for fall-winter 2021-2022

Experts have unveiled the fall-winter 2021-2022 trend colors. According to New York Fashion Week, the main colors for this winter are very atypical, ranging from pastel tones to summery colors.


Spring colors

In a lighter tone, pink and blue will be trending this winter. Pink designed softness, seduction and romanticism while blue rather evokes freshness and freedom.


The Orange

 Orange will be a popular color as the fall coolness arrives reflecting optimism, joy and ambition.


The Gray

"Absolute gray" is the second main color in the 2021 trends. Gray evokes elegance, neutrality and calm.


Creamy white

This warm color denotes serenity, simplicity and harmony. Cream white is perfect when you want a more minimalist and delicate style.


The Red

This color represents pleasure, passion and energy. Feel free to enhance your look with this vibrant color.


Trends are constantly changing, but here's a little preview at the colors that will be trending in 2021-2022. Hoping that this article can guide you in your choices when you make the selection of your outfits and accessories.


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