New York

New York has been crowned the fashion capital of the world. The very first "Fashion week" was organized in the Big Apple. Several New Yorkers have also enjoyed enormous success in the fashion world, such as Marc Jacob and Calvin Klein.



Paris has always been recognized as a prestigious and dominant city in terms of fashion, design and innovation. This reputation can be explained by the know-how of the many French designers and stylists recognized around the world.



London was crowned "Fashion Capital" in 2011. This city is recognized as the pillar of innovation. English fashion has a reputation for always being more extravagant and more innovative in their various designs.



Milan is famous in the fashion world with its unique concentration of Italian and international fashion boutiques. The city receives in the "Fashion Quadrilateral", so called because the district is delimited by four streets, several jewelers, prestigious stores and exhibits the best creations of Italian and international designers. Every year, Milan welcomes people from all over the world who come to shop and admire the windows of the many boutiques.


This is our top 4 fashion capitals. For several decades, these four cities, called the “Big Four”, have shared this glorious title.

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