who we are?
A Canadian company based in Quebec City offering unique and minimalist accessories, without breaking the bank. And a lot more...

"Wear what makes you proud."

we think it's important to be proud of what we wear because it reflects a lot who we are. and we must be proud of it.

Our values

For us it's important to help the people around us as much as possible. That's why each year FJ WATCHES is committed to a cause close to its heart. By doing this, we want to support and inspire people to help each other and give back to the community

The mission

First, we want to offer trendy and unique accessories, but it is also very important for us to always offer quality at an affordable price for everyone. We also want people to feel good about wearing our products and helping them to express who they are.

The design

Designed in Canada, all the details make the difference for us. Nothing is left by chance. Every detail is thought for a specific purpose. That's what makes each of our products unique.


There is even more...

Our products are delivered all around the world, no matter where you are.

what are you waiting for? Join the family today.

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